Medical Centres – Browns Plains and Everywhere Else

There is a lot of medical centres out there but one thing you need to know about is medical technology, not all medical centres equip the latest technology and are you really willing to put your life on the line for a medical centre that give you outdated technology. Your life could be at risk, there fore it is imperative that you only go to a clinic that employs the use of the latest technology and medical equipment so that you are in safe hands in the long run. Things to look out for are molescan machines, any practice that has a mole scan machine is surely well equipped overall because it costs a lot and goes to show for how much the owners are willing to invest in the tech.

Another thing to lookout for is if they are using outdated refrigeration systems to keep the medicines cool. Many practices out there take short cuts and can be seen for example a lack of TV in the waiting room, outdated refrigeration system, using a kitchen fridge in place of a medical temperature controlled fridge, using outdated surgical tools. The very best practices ofcourse will use things like laser cutting tools and other similar stuff that is obviously state of the art. You should go to these surgeries more often than other ones as chances are you are in the hands of a very experienced doctor. Now you need to understand how important this is, this is not something to play around with. The quality of a clinic represents directly the quality of the doctor so always keep that in mind as your health is at stake. One great clinic that you can visit, that me and my wife personally go to is Browns Plains Medical Centre and skin cancer clinic, it is like we described a practice that has skin cancer mole scan technology and we were very pleased with the service we received. Would really recommend everyone in the local area to go to this practice if possible.

The Best Universal Remote Controls

Many universal remote controls have lingered in the market for some time. However, Logitech harmony remotes have suddenly taken the market by storm, with many users voting them to be the best there is. Harmony has produced a series of universal remotes that have different specifications;


Logitech harmony elite

This link best universal remote is by far the most expensive in the harmony family. But with that price comes a well of benefits you are bound to enjoy while using this gem. It has the ability to control all your entertainment gadgets including your smart devices e.g switching on and off your smart lights as well as regulation of temperature. The unique thing about this universal remote is that you can operate it from anywhere in your house. If that is not cool then I do not know what is.


The manufacturers of this remote out did themselves on this one. They strategically placed all the most used buttons close to the thumb. It comes with a touch LCD screen and illuminating buttons to ensure that operating it at night will be total bliss. What’s more, by the touch of only one button, you are able to control all devices already programmed under this remote.


Logitech Harmony 650

Unlike the Elite universal remote, this one though from the same company lacks the capability of controlling a wide number of electronics. The maximum number is eight. It, however, comes with a user-friendly illuminating keypad. Its LCD screen provides you with a wide range of options to help you define the remote functions. When it comes to programming, there are limitations as this can only be done through a PC or a Mac App.

With the Harmony 650, you will not enjoy the efficiency of operating it from anywhere; neither can you use it to control your smart Bluetooth or WI-FI devices.


Savant remote

It is undoubtedly the most expensive universal remote in the market having been launched. It has the ability to connect to numerous devices. It has a Smartphone hub. With this, you are able to transform your phone into a remote control.


Ray Super remote

It can easily be mistaken for a Smartphone following its high-resolution touch screen. Additionally, it also comes with a QWERTY keypad. You can type your search and find it instantly. This makes it quite exciting to use. Because it uses infrared and WI-FI, you have the option of operating different gadgets without much effort.


Logitech Harmony Companion

One universal fact about Harmony universal remotes remains their simplified programming method. The Companion universal remote is light and slim. It uses Radio Frequency for its operations which rather limit its ability to control a wide range of devices. With this remote, you can transform your Android or iPhone gadgets into a remote control for your home theater.


RCA Universal Remote

It can connect to and control up to eight electronics. It is very cheaply priced and comes with illuminated buttons for easier use at night. It has been designed in a user-friendly manner making it quite easy to maneuver.




Eagles Field Street Medical Centre

If you are living in the scenic rim of the regional queensland area where the suburbs of beaudesert, jimboomba and gleneagle are located then you will surely have need to know where there is a good doctor service. There are 3 main pracitces Beaudesert family practice and skin cancer clinic, a second practice which wont be named and finally we have eaglesfield street medical centre. You should definitely head to this last one we mentioned this is for several reasons we cant explain right now.

Eaglesfield street medical centre has many service available to you one of the services is mens health, there is also, womens health, there is also other major things that you may face living in the semi rural area where the sun is hot for example skin cancer spots, that is why there is a skin cancer clinic available. Also there is flu vaccinations, travel vaccinations and many other things that we do. One other thing that you need to know is that the doctors here are top notch, now why is this post on a electronics site you may ask? Well actually my wife works there and they have a state of the art molescan machine called the U-MAX mole scan 476D model from Tetrak Limited in Japan it is really the best machine in the market super high end technology costs upwards of 500000 dollars and that is why I am so excited to review this.

So if you do have skin health issues this is the practice you need to go to.

Electronics for an Easy Hot Water Fix

In this era of the twenty first century, life has been made simpler by the current technology thanks to the various inventions given forth by the previous and current scientists and engineers. Electrical appliances have become a basic necessity that one cannot afford to live without, these has revolutionized the modern homes making house chores easy to handle. Make an example of home water supply. Water is a very essential part of life, be it hot, warm or cold. A kitchen without water is like a fish without a river, ‘’dead.’’ The modern kitchen further has a basic requirement that is hot water.

Hot water has various uses including cooking, cleaning disinfecting among others. Now imagine a modern kitchen with medieval hot water supply technologies like charcoal heaters or wood fuel stoves. This will make a horribly stressful kitchen time; to add on this, you will end up with dirty floors and counters and store since you will need to have extra space for storage of this fuel. In this time and era, everyone wants a classy state of the art kitchen.


This doesn’t have to come expensive, plus you don’t need an interior designer to help you in redecorating and stocking up your kitchen. To keep up to these standards, one doesn’t have to be extremely rich to be able to afford the luxuries of great kitchen furnished by exotic electrical equipment’s. A simple electrical heater is the first step to take toward furnishing and styling up your kitchen with state of the art electronic equipment’s. An electric water heater is also called an electric kettle in other countries. Specifically designed for water heating and it is very fast, clean and comes in different designs and colors that can match your style and blend in giving you the best impression you need.

The various trendy water heaters available can take less than one minute to raise one to five liters of water from room temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius in the tropical regions to boiling temperatures of one hundred degrees Celsius. This is great advantage especially after a tiresome day working in the office and you need a quick coffee fix, the hustle of lighting up the gas and the exhaustive complications involve that will make you give up on the refreshing beverage, but if you have the electric heater, all these is done effortlessly making your life more enjoyable and comfortable.

A standard heater is very easy to operate, all you need in a standard kitchen with electric plug in sockets and your hot water is a click away. A kitchen furnished with simple devices like water heater, blenders among other electrical appliances aesthetically improves your kitchen making you and your friend want to hang in the kitchen more. Actually no one would want his or her kitchen to be the laughing stock thus there is need for you to hurry up and get your electric kettle or rather heater and that will be the first step in stepping up your kitchen.

The Most Dangerous Home Electronics

We purchase our home electronics so that they may serve us. But did you know that some of the home electronics we buy are very dangerous to our lives if not handled with care. Some home electronics have been reported to cause electric shock to people, harm people physically and even cause huge house fires. Below are some of the most dangerous home electronics that we should take great care while handling


Never use your blender near little ones. You should also never leave your blender in hands of children. There have been many cases reported around the world where blenders have smashed singers and hands of curious little children.


Iron boxes are very dangerous if not used properly. Leave your iron box in the power plug on and the next time you lay your eyes on your house, it will be on a terrible fire. There have been several cases where people have touched hot iron thinking it is cold only to find their skins remaining on the iron. Irons are very useful in the house but dangerous if not used with great care

Extension cords

Extension cords are killing people. Overloading extension cords with capacity that exceeds that one on the label can cause fire and burn people in the house. Make sure you are keen when using extension cords and also never run extension cords under carpet

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are one of the most common causes of fires. Heaters should be placed far from bed, curtains and furniture. When sleeping, always remember to turn off the heaters to avoid waking in a hell of fire


Freezers are loved by many people. They help us store meat and other food products for later use. Reports of children getting trapped in freezers have been on the rise and freezers kill within a very short time.

Electric cookers

Electric cookers and ovens should not be left on. They can cause fire and burn everything in the house including people. Ensure that you put off the electric cookers when you want to sleep or when you are too busy.  When used properly with care, electric cookers can be of great use.

Light bulbs

We often think of light bulbs to be harmless. Light bulbs can be the most dangerous home electronics when they are left near flammable materials such as beds, plastics, drapes and perfumes. Light bulbs like any other electronics can cause electric shocks especially when you are changing a bulb without turning the switch off. Always be careful not to change a light bulb with wet hands because you can also get an electric shock. Light bulbs should also be used with the correct wattage to prevent overheating

Electrical switch

Electrical switch can be very dangerous when they get submerged in water and also when you handle them with wet hands.


All home electronics can be dangerous if not handled well. Ensure that you use the correct voltage or wattage with electronics and never handle them with wet hands.