The Most Dangerous Home Electronics

We purchase our home electronics so that they may serve us. But did you know that some of the home electronics we buy are very dangerous to our lives if not handled with care. Some home electronics have been reported to cause electric shock to people, harm people physically and even cause huge house fires. Below are some of the most dangerous home electronics that we should take great care while handling


Never use your blender near little ones. You should also never leave your blender in hands of children. There have been many cases reported around the world where blenders have smashed singers and hands of curious little children.


Iron boxes are very dangerous if not used properly. Leave your iron box in the power plug on and the next time you lay your eyes on your house, it will be on a terrible fire. There have been several cases where people have touched hot iron thinking it is cold only to find their skins remaining on the iron. Irons are very useful in the house but dangerous if not used with great care

Extension cords

Extension cords are killing people. Overloading extension cords with capacity that exceeds that one on the label can cause fire and burn people in the house. Make sure you are keen when using extension cords and also never run extension cords under carpet

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are one of the most common causes of fires. Heaters should be placed far from bed, curtains and furniture. When sleeping, always remember to turn off the heaters to avoid waking in a hell of fire


Freezers are loved by many people. They help us store meat and other food products for later use. Reports of children getting trapped in freezers have been on the rise and freezers kill within a very short time.

Electric cookers

Electric cookers and ovens should not be left on. They can cause fire and burn everything in the house including people. Ensure that you put off the electric cookers when you want to sleep or when you are too busy.  When used properly with care, electric cookers can be of great use.

Light bulbs

We often think of light bulbs to be harmless. Light bulbs can be the most dangerous home electronics when they are left near flammable materials such as beds, plastics, drapes and perfumes. Light bulbs like any other electronics can cause electric shocks especially when you are changing a bulb without turning the switch off. Always be careful not to change a light bulb with wet hands because you can also get an electric shock. Light bulbs should also be used with the correct wattage to prevent overheating

Electrical switch

Electrical switch can be very dangerous when they get submerged in water and also when you handle them with wet hands.


All home electronics can be dangerous if not handled well. Ensure that you use the correct voltage or wattage with electronics and never handle them with wet hands.


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