Eagles Field Street Medical Centre

If you are living in the scenic rim of the regional queensland area where the suburbs of beaudesert, jimboomba and gleneagle are located then you will surely have need to know where there is a good doctor service. There are 3 main pracitces Beaudesert family practice and skin cancer clinic, a second practice which wont be named and finally we have eaglesfield street medical centre. You should definitely head to this last one we mentioned this is for several reasons we cant explain right now.

Eaglesfield street medical centre has many service available to you one of the services is mens health, there is also, womens health, there is also other major things that you may face living in the semi rural area where the sun is hot for example skin cancer spots, that is why there is a skin cancer clinic available. Also there is flu vaccinations, travel vaccinations and many other things that we do. One other thing that you need to know is that the doctors here are top notch, now why is this post on a electronics site you may ask? Well actually my wife works there and they have a state of the art molescan machine called the U-MAX mole scan 476D model from Tetrak Limited in Japan it is really the best machine in the market super high end technology costs upwards of 500000 dollars and that is why I am so excited to review this.

So if you do have skin health issues this is the practice you need to go to.

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