The Best Universal Remote Controls

Many universal remote controls have lingered in the market for some time. However, Logitech harmony remotes have suddenly taken the market by storm, with many users voting them to be the best there is. Harmony has produced a series of universal remotes that have different specifications;


Logitech harmony elite

This link best universal remote is by far the most expensive in the harmony family. But with that price comes a well of benefits you are bound to enjoy while using this gem. It has the ability to control all your entertainment gadgets including your smart devices e.g switching on and off your smart lights as well as regulation of temperature. The unique thing about this universal remote is that you can operate it from anywhere in your house. If that is not cool then I do not know what is.


The manufacturers of this remote out did themselves on this one. They strategically placed all the most used buttons close to the thumb. It comes with a touch LCD screen and illuminating buttons to ensure that operating it at night will be total bliss. What’s more, by the touch of only one button, you are able to control all devices already programmed under this remote.


Logitech Harmony 650

Unlike the Elite universal remote, this one though from the same company lacks the capability of controlling a wide number of electronics. The maximum number is eight. It, however, comes with a user-friendly illuminating keypad. Its LCD screen provides you with a wide range of options to help you define the remote functions. When it comes to programming, there are limitations as this can only be done through a PC or a Mac App.

With the Harmony 650, you will not enjoy the efficiency of operating it from anywhere; neither can you use it to control your smart Bluetooth or WI-FI devices.


Savant remote

It is undoubtedly the most expensive universal remote in the market having been launched. It has the ability to connect to numerous devices. It has a Smartphone hub. With this, you are able to transform your phone into a remote control.


Ray Super remote

It can easily be mistaken for a Smartphone following its high-resolution touch screen. Additionally, it also comes with a QWERTY keypad. You can type your search and find it instantly. This makes it quite exciting to use. Because it uses infrared and WI-FI, you have the option of operating different gadgets without much effort.


Logitech Harmony Companion

One universal fact about Harmony universal remotes remains their simplified programming method. The Companion universal remote is light and slim. It uses Radio Frequency for its operations which rather limit its ability to control a wide range of devices. With this remote, you can transform your Android or iPhone gadgets into a remote control for your home theater.


RCA Universal Remote

It can connect to and control up to eight electronics. It is very cheaply priced and comes with illuminated buttons for easier use at night. It has been designed in a user-friendly manner making it quite easy to maneuver.




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