Electric Can Openers vs. Manual Can Openers?

As higher-tech kitchen devices grow to dominate the market, to some, even the infamous “Toilet paper: over or under?” debate seems more relevant than deciding whether electric can openers are better than their manual alternatives. However, the fact that you’ve started reading this shows that you understand the importance of smart shopping. There are various other factors to consider when buying a product, namely: usability, reliability, durability and cost. If you are on the fence regarding which model to choose, the following article will outline the key points of each type, so that you can make an informed decision.


Electric can openers are without question, simpler and easier to use when compared to manual can openers. Though the specific mechanisms vary with each model, the majority of electric can openers will simply require electricity and the push of a button. Manual can openers, on the other hand, require the user to hold the can, puncture the lid and twist the rotator themselves. For better reviews go to http://www.bestelectriccanopener.net

This may seem relatively simple, but can prove a hassle to people with arthritis. Electric can openers are more arthritis-friendly, in comparison to the manual models. In addition, some electric can openers may also have other features such as a knife sharpener or a bottle opener, while manual models may only be used for opening cans.

Though, electric can openers are sometimes restricted by the size and weight of the can. Whereas, manual models are tough enough to handle most sizes and weights.


Electric can openers are made up of delicate motors and mechanical parts, which can make taking care of them challenging.  Unlike manual models that can be thrown amongst the other dirty dishes in the sink, water-contact can damage an electric can openers’ mechanisms. Luckily, there are some electric can openers that do have detachable blades, which make them as stress-free to clean as manual can openers.

Another concern about electric can openers is that they require a power source in order to function. This can prove an issue during a power outage or even camping trips. In such situations, canned foods are the best option for a meal. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a manual can opener at your disposal, even if it is just catching dust in the drawer, while you use your electric can opener.


As mentioned earlier, electric can openers are made up of parts that are delicate, while manual models are typically sturdier. Nonetheless, both models are susceptible to rust if they are not cleaned and dried properly.


Owing to the many mechanisms and motors that electric can openers consist of, these models are generally more expensive than openers that are manually operated. Though, there are numerous electric can openers that are affordable and still efficient.

The Final Decision

While the fact that electric models require less effort and time may be the winning factor for some consumers, other may prefer manual can openers for their reliability. By considering all of the factors mentioned above when choosing between an electric can opener and a manually operated model, you too will be able to decide which product is best suited to you.



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